Havana Mambo Twist Braid 24"

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  • Havana Medium Mambo Twist Braid 12.
  • 12 pre-twists in a pack. One pack weighs 3.5 oz.
  • Crochet interlocking lets multi-braid styling.
  • 100% Naturalon/Toyokalon flame retardant fiber.
  • 5-7 packs recommended for a full head.
  • Comes with looped ends for quick crochet styling.
  • Made by Janet Collection.
  • 100 percent Kanekalon Twist
  • Flame Retardant 
  • 3D Jumbo 20” 
  • Crotchet Pre Loop 
  • Pre-Curl 
  • Twist Out 

General Care Guide

Wash Hair in Cool water with mild shampoo and conditioner.

While washing never scrub hard,swish hair gently from side to side 

Pat dry with a towel and leave to air dry.Never use a blow dryer .

Using  of heating tools is not recommended